Changeover Valve / Selector Valve

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The SchuF Changeover valves has been reliable service in several industries over the past 40 years. Their major use is with dual safety relief valves.

Changeover Valve 60WN 

Changeover Valve 60WN, Photo:┬ęSchuF



Changeover Valve Applications

Changeover valves are a switchover valve, switching flow from one pipeline to another. They are sometimes referred to as "selector" valves. Changeover valves are well suited to applications where mandatory pressure relief devices (rupture discs and relief valves) are installed as dual devices.

The design of the changeover valve ensure that at least one of the two pressure relief devices is always in service and full relief flow is guaranteed during changeover.

They are also widely used in Plastic and Polymer, Offshore, and Refining industries to handle process media.


Other applications include:


# switching from one production line to another,

# selecting to and from dual filtration systems,

# selecting to and from multiple heat exchangers,

# proportioning between two sources or terminals, refluxing or dumping, or

# manifolding where total shutoff of media flow is dangerous, offensive, or produces process stoppage


Characteristics of SchuF Changeover Valves

  • Available as a standard changeover valve, a vacuum version and as a ditch valve

  • Shut off both valve outlets at the same time is impossible

  • Deadspace free

  • Temperature ratings up to 700 degrees C

  • Suitable for pressure rating of ASME 2500 or high vacuum

  • Extremely low leakage (TA Luft) to atmosphere (with stuffing box, or bellow sealing)

  • Cleaning in service through flushing port(s)

  • Actuation by hand, pneumatic, or electrical

  • Can be partially or fully jacketed.

  • Can be combined with Multiport valves

  • High level of customisation is possible


Tandem changeover with rupture discs

Tandem changeover with SRV's

Changeover Valve Combinations with safety relief valves,  Photos:┬ęSchuF


Changeover Valve Sizing and Materials

Changeover valves are available in all materials including cast-steel; stainless steel, all nickel based alloys, Titanium, Zirconium and others.

Depending on application, sizes from one inch to 24 inch as standard and larger on request.


Changeover Valve Model Numbers

  • Model 60 (Base Changeover Valve),

  • Model 61 (High vacuum variant),

  • Model 62 (Right angle variant)

  • Model 63 (Ditch valve)

  • Model 69 (Tandem valve range)


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