Model 74M "Multi-Stage" Angle Control valve

The Multi-Stage Model 74M is designed to allow pressure reduction over a series of discs. It is ideal to let down high pressure over several stages and to avoid cavitation.


One to six discs can be used and pressure can be reduced from 240 bar or more to atmosphere. The flow to open design enables particles to pass through the valve and thereby avoids clogging. This makes the valve ideal for Hydrotreating or Hydrocracking applications where catalyst fines can clog.

  • 2, 3, or up to 6 staged pressure reduction disc design

  • True Equal % characteristics

  • High Cv values (1 - 3000)

  • Large outlet chamber to reduce velocities




Angle Control Valve 74MS, Figure:┬ęSchuF



Multi-stage Angle Control Valve (sheet)

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