Goggle Valves

Goggle Valves are used to positively isolate downstream media flow. They are typically used in 20" (DN 500) to 72" (DN1800) diametre lines. They provide 100% " Man Safe" shut-off.


The SchuF Cam-Goggle valve is a tried and tested unique line blinding valve design. It incorporates the functionality of Fetterolf proprietary Cam-Set technology and the reliability of almost 100 years of SchuF custom valve design. Together they produce a line blinding system that ensures 100% absolute positive downstream shut off. The valve is designed to be "Man Safe".


Cam Goggle Valve

 52 inch (DN 1300) Cam Goggle Valve




Goggle Valve Industries & Applications

Goggle valves are frequently found in the Petrochemical, Steel, Pulp and Paper, Maritime and Oil & Refinery industries.


Positive pipeline close/off is vital in many piping systems to assure safety of personnel working on downstream equipment, particularly when flammable, toxic liquids or gases could seep past a closure. A Goggle valve is mandatory to comply with certain plant safety regulations when visible proof of shut/off is necessary.

The valve will render an absolute tight shut-off in blast furnace, basic oxygen, open hearth or other gas mains applications. It is designed for vertical operation in a horizontal main - or with roller support and other adaptations for horizontal operation in a vertical main.


SchuF Goggle Valves - Key Characteristics

  • Absolute positive Shut-Off - "Man Safe"

  • No spreading of pipe required

  • Seal unaffected by piping misalignment

  • Simple, one man, spectacle changing from one side of the line

  • 316 SST as standard, other materials upon request

  • Manual, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic actuation available

  • Optional drain/purge connections

  • Special anti corrosive coatings such as epoxy, PTFE and Sermetel ceramic are available if required

  • Available in sizes from 20" (DN500) to 72" (DN2500) and ASME 150 pressure class (PN16).



Cam Goggle 2 Cam Goggle 3

52 inch (DN 1300) Goggle valve for a refinery flare application, Photos: SchuF





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Video gallery
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