Lift Plug Valves

SchuF is the inventor of the Lift Plug Valve - the first double block and bleed switch and/or isolation valve.

Lift plug valve - SchuF

Model 12 - "IsoPlug" - Lift Plug Valve, Photo:©SchuF

The original patent was received in 1914. Today, the Lift Plug is widely used in the Chemical, Refinery (including Delayed Coking, Hydrocracking, and Visbreaking), Polymer, Cement, Power and Mining industries.




How a SchuF Lift Plug Valve works

See how the SchuF Lift Lift Plug works and how the valve can be flushed while the process is running

Lift Plug video animation


Lift Plug Valve



Lift Plug Valve Applications

Its simple and rugged design makes it suitable for severe applications at high temperatures or with highly abrasive or erosive materials. In the Delayed Coking industry, the SchuF lift Plug is utilised as a an Isolation and Switch valve. In visbreaking, cracking, hydroprocessing, distillation and deasphalting refinerary applications, the lift plug has proven to be an ideal isolation valve with many advantages over traditional ball valves and t-pieces.

 This is due to the fact that the seals do not wear as the plug is lifted before turning.


Lift Plug in der Montage 

IsoPlug for Delayed Coking 

Model 12 Lift Plug Valves, Photos:©SchuF


In addition the valve has three lines of defence against sediment build up or fouling:

1. Flushing is initiated during plug lifting and turning

2. An integral drain valve option enabling sediment to be removed from the valve

3. A retractable bottom plate that enables the valve to be cleaned in line in a very short period of time

The three factors together make the SchuF lift plug ideal for dirty, sticky or clumping media at high temperatures.


Characteristics of SchuF Plug Valves

  • Available with 2, 3 or 4 outlets

  • Seat seal design ensures a perfect sea

  • Seals are not worn during operation

  • No dead spaces

  • Integral Block and Bleed

  • Available in high temperature and pressure designs

  • Electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic actuation available

  • Straight or Inverted Plug, full or reduced bore, round or oval

  • Top or bottom entry for easy maintenance


The Original Lift Plug from 1914 Lift Plug Valve (inverted plug)

The original Lift Plug from 1914            Lift Plug with inverted Plug
Photos: ©SchuF



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