Line Blind Valves – Cam-Set®, Cam-Slide®, Cam-Goggle® & Stacey

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The SchuF Group designs and manufactures a fast, easy to use and safety conscious Line Blind Valve range. They are often refered to as spectacle blinds, figure of eights, or blinding systems.

Cam-Set Line Blind System

Line Blind Valve - Cam-Set,  Photo: ©SchuF


How the SchuF Fetterolf Line Blind Valves work

A Line Blind Valve is permanently installed into a pipeline. The valve´s internal cam-mechanism allows to change the plate from open to closed position within a minute.

As soon as the pipeline is drained the cam-mechanism can be opened by turning the screw (or handwheel), now the spectacle plate can be turned and positioned and finally the cam-mechanism can be closed again by closing the handwheel.
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Cam-Set Schematics Cam-Set Schematic2 Cam-Set Schematic3


Download our Product brochure and Dimension tables


Product brochure
Dimension Table
for Cam-Sets

Line Blind Valve - Brochure Cover 2016

Dimension Table Cam-Set Line Blind Valve

Industry Using Line Blinding Systems

Their primary use is to completely close off the downstream portion of a pipeline in a safe way. They are frequently found in the Petrochemical, Steel, Pulp and Paper, Maritime and Oil & Refinery industries. They are often refered to as spectacle blinds, figures of eight, spectacle plates or paddle blinds.

Line blind installed in hydrotreating plant Offshore (on FPSO) line blind installation
Cam-Set Line Blind valves on Canadian Tanker
Line Blind Valve - Cam-Set in operation

Cam-Set Line Blinds installed in refineries and offshore, Photos: ©SchuF


Line Blind Valve Applications

Positive pipeline close/off is vital in many piping systems to assure safety of personnel working on downstream equipment, particularly when flammable, toxic liquids or gases could seep past a closure. When visible proof of shut/off is necessary, a line blind is mandatory to comply with plant safety regulations. Available in three variants as Cam-Set, Cam-Slide or Stacey Line Blind Valves.


Cam-Set Side View Cam-Set Closed
Lind Blind - Cam Set Side View Line Blind - Cam Set Closed View

SchuF Fetterolf Cam-Set, Photo: ©SchuF

Key Characteristics of the SchuF Cam-Set

  • Absolute positive Shut-Off

  • No spreading of pipe required

  • Seal unaffected by piping misalignment

  • Simple, one man, spectacle changing from one side of the line

  • 316 SST as standard, other materials upon request

  • Special anti corrosive coatings such as epoxy, polyurethane and Sermetel ceramic are available if required


Are you looking for a Line Blind Valve which needs little space to be operated?

A suitable solution is a Line Blind Cam-Slide which has various benefits.
More information at Line Blind Valve- Cam-Slide


Line Blind Valve - Cam-Slide
 Line BLind Valve - Cam-Slide closed



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