Spray Rinse Valves

The SchuF Group Spray rinse valves are designed to effectively rinse large tanks, vessels or reactors without the need to open them. We refer to them as closed reactor or industrial cleaning tank valves.

Spray Rinse Valve

Spray rinse valve - SchuF Model 27SR, Photo:©SchuF




Choice of Design

Invented by Fetterolf in 1983 Spray Rinse valves are today offered in two designs and manufactured by both Fetterolf and SchuF.

The Fetterolf design incorporates spray slots in a rotating head, whilst the SchuF design uses nozzles in a linear head. They have seen reliable service is several industries over the past 25 years.


 Spray Rinse Valve (with rotating head)  Spray Rinse Valve (with extended seat)

Spray Rinse Valves - rotating head design and with extended seats, Photos:©SchuF


Spray Rinse Valve Applications

Their primary use is the cleaning of vessels in closed reactor technology. They are frequently found in the Plastics & Polymer (especially PVC), Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceutical industries.



Spray testing facility - exhibiting the most effective spray pattern, Photo:©SchuF


Spray rinse valves can be used to clean vessels after each batch operation. Water, steam, solvents and anti-sticking agents can be injected and are sprayed in a distinct and efficient manner in the vessel. This leads to longer reactor production cycles and the most cost efficient use of cleaning agents.


Spray Rinse Valve Characteristics

  • Design eliminates the need to open or close vessel for cleaning

  • Directs, controls, and uses cleaning agents efficiently

  • Can be built in any specified stainless steel, pressure ratings and temperatures

  • Customised spray pattern, pressure and quantityRotating spray head option

  • Positive metal to metal shut-off

  • Exchangeable seat and spray head

  • No clogging guaranteed, due to pre-designed “leakage” path


Spray Rinse Valve Sizing

Custom defined and according to application material.


Materials used in Spray Rinse Valves

Spray Rinse valves are available in all materials, although the norm is stainless steel.

Spray rinse valve Spray rinse valve

Spray Rinse Valve Variants, Photos:©SchuF

Model Numbers

Type 27S (Base Spray Rinse Valve), Type 27F (Rotating head variant)


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