Globe Valves

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The SchuF Y Globe valve is unique in respect of its flexibility, high Cv and reliable performance.

Y Globe Valve

It can be provided as a standard Y Globe valve or as a special control valve for severe service applications. They are widely used in Plastic and Polymer Industry as well as control variants in the Petrochemical, Chemicals, mineral processing and Refining industries.




Y Globe Valve Applications

Y Globe valves offer the perfect compromise between flow and sealing requirements. The flow control characteristics are much better than a globe valve, while the zero leakage sealing performance far excel that of a ball valve.

Y Globe Valve with jacket 

Y Globe Variant

 Y Globe Valve  Y Globe Variant

Key Characteristics of SchuF Y Globe Valves

  • Designed to operate in temperatures up to 700 degrees C

  • Suitable for ASME pressure rating of 2500# or high vacuum

  • Available with a disc or piston plug

  • Dead space free

  • Extremely low leakage to atmosphere options (with stuffing box or bellow seal to atmosphere)

  • High Vacuum version features a completely enclosed yoke



  • Control trim and equal %, linear or X3 bell control curve characteristics

  • Cleaning in service through flushing port(s)

  • Disk grinding option available

  • Can be partially or fully jacketed

  • Can be combined to and from Multiport valves

  • High level of Customisation as required


Y Globe Valves Materials

Y Globe valves are available in all materials including cast-steel; stainless steel, all nickel based alloys, Titanium, Zirconium and others.

Y Globe - high vacuum variant Y Globe Valve 7/2/3

High Vacuum Y Globe Valve                 Body with integral flushing

Y Globe Valve Model Numbers

Model 50 (Y Globe Valve),

Model 51 (high vacuum variant) and

Model 52 (two part body with light replaceable seat).


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